Marijuana is a substance that’s been illegal for a long time, but now there are more considering the legalities of this, and some of the new benefits of this. A lot of Americans actually support cannabis legalization for both medical along with recreational use, and some states have legalized it. Right now, they’re still trying to find any scientific evidence, but if you’re curious, here are the risks, along with the benefits of weed. 

Medical Benefits and Risks 

The medical marijuana has chemicals that’s found within the plant for treating conditions. This is due to the cannabinoids that’s found in the plant as well. CBD along with THC are the tow most common, and it can treat many conditions. CBD of course, is a compound that’s found in both cannabis and hemp, and THC is responsible for the hallucinogenic effects, which some use for both medical and recreational means. Cannabis is mostly CBD, about 40%.  This is good because it’s safe for humans, and it can help with inflammatory conditions. THC does carry some risks, since it can be both a stimulant or a depressant, depending on the strain or variation, so it’s good to know the risks. 

Cannabis benefits 

There are a variety of different benefits to cannabis. First is pain management, and it helps with chronic pain from endometriosis, arthritis, fibro, and even headaches and migraines. It can also help with inflammatory pain at the same level as NSAIDs, and even steroids. For mental and neurological conditions, it can help. For starters, Tourette’s syndrome can actually help with the symptoms, such as anger, irritation, obsession, and help with the tics in some cases too. For PTSD, this can help with improving and mitigating the symptoms, so that the stress isn’t bothering them as much, so that they can sleep better at night, impacting both the physical and emotional wellbeing of the person through this. It can help with Parkinson’s as well, which is a condition with limited motor skills, and effects walking, balance, concentration, and also cause shaking. It can help deal with the condition, albeit it won’t treat the symptoms completely. 

MS is another disorder that causes a lot of muscle spasms that happens, along with the stiffness that’s commonly found. It also can help with sleep disorders that occur here. And of course, there is anxiety, so if you suffer from anxiety, especially severe forms, cannabis that’s CBD dominant can help with sleep, relaxation, and calming down in a lot of cases, especially if you deal with symptoms from an anxiety attack that are bothering you. It also is good for epilepsy and is actually FDA approved to treat this and will help with stress and disorders related to that, including insomnia. 

The Risks 

There are a few risks that some people are worried about, and it’s important to be mindful of them. First it is a hallucinogen, so you shouldn’t drive or operate anything with this, and it can even be illegal in some cases. It also causes depressive symptoms in some cases, and it might be something that’ll effect you in a lot of cases. It also causes stimulating actions, including blood pressure, and also hyperactivity, and while not as common, it does happen. And finally it can cause dry mouth, increase your appetite, and the biggest one is that you’re not totally sure on the experience until of course, you consume the plant. With that being said, it’s very important to look at the effects of this and see for yourself the effects of cannabis too.