Cannabidiol Therapy 

Cannabidiol Therapy 

If you have arthritis, you probably wonder if you can use different kinds of therapies for this. Luckily, cannabidiol products can help with this, and it can be a form of treatment for this. 

About Arthritis 

Arthritis is a series of processes that primarily involve inflammation of the joints. The two most common include osteoarthritis, or rheumatoid arthritis, with the other most common being infectious, traumatic, or cancerous. The most common is osteoarthritis, which is basically degermation of the space of the joints due to wear and tear. The hips and knees tend to be the most common places for this, but it can also happen in other parts too. Usually, this is powered by what’s called interleukin 1A, which is pretty much the erosion of cordiform ligaments that leads to the destruction of the bone and cartilage before this. 

Then there is rheumatoid, which is usually autoimmune, where the antibodies in the body mistakenly attack your synovial tissues in the joint inner linings. This is usually caused by interleukin 6 and does affect the other organs, which leads to joints that are deformed and painful.. usually this leads to hand stiffness and also stiffness in the neck and spinal column too. 

How does cannabis help. 

The endocannabinoid system does need to keep equilibrium, along with balance, and usually is the surge protector that protects everything. This system also has anti-inflammatory compounds too in a lot of cases, and usually is what reacts with this. CBD in particular does induce the change in this, and also helps with cell growth and survival. The chondrocytes which are cells that do build the cartilage there, do have CB2 receptors in them. The C2 receptors do eventually move to the surface and offer binding and other effects. When the CBD binds with this, it cause a reversal of the inflammatory sequence, where the cells stop recruiting, the celling starts to go down, and the redness goes away too, and then, the inflammatory elements pretty much get cleared out while also bringing elasticity to the joint areas too. 

This switch does end up with helping to block the prostaglandins that push for through inflammatory area. This is something that a lot of NSAIDs also target, along with steroids, but they do have a lot more side effects and the like.  That’s because they can cause toxic liver, and there is always the chance for overdosing, and there is the problem of steroids being limited as well. 

Cannabis medicines however can help with redoing the joint damage a lot, up to about 70% in a lot of chronic arthritis people. It also does help with the sensation of pain that goes into this, which is called the nociception that’s there. Mouse along with rats have shown that this can actually work to block the progression of osteo along with rheumatoid arthritis if given a good dosage to this. 

The CBD does directly help to modulate the system as well to reduce these harmful chemicals that are there. CBD also does recruit the regenerative cells too, including stem cells that are there, to help with going to injury sites and to rebuild the tissues. So if you have areas of the skin that are damaged, you might want to consider possibly using CBD to help with this. If you suffer from arthritis, this may be something for you to consider since there is a lot of science behind this, but not only that, but there are also a lot of benefits that come from this, and a lot that you can benefit from as well. 

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