Using Marijuana After and Before Pregnancy 

Using Marijuana After and Before Pregnancy 

Marijuana and pregnancy is considered a controversial topic, but cannabis does have a lot of users. It’s hard to figure out the real numbers, but it is growing, and many younger people are using weed. Cannabis usually is consumed during the reproductive times in life, and there is self-reported data that shows that it’s used. Pregnancy isn’t easy of course, between the vomiting, sickness, and the anxiety and pain, it can be beneficial to use this. I also does help with postpartum depression too, and during breastfeeding periods. 

Effects Cannabis Has for Moms 

There is a big difference when it comes to women and men who consume weed, and that’s the receptors. The endocannabinoid receptors work or different body systems, and women of course have the reproductive systems, and it does affect estrogen. They are also a bit stronger for women who smoke, which can lead to big issues if it’s not properly controlled. Women smoke less despite it helping with PMS and menstrual cramps, and it also helps with sadness and anxiety and also helps with sexual intercourse. This can also offer a better mental and physical connection, and even treat breast cancer. 

Cannabis skincare is a popular subject for a reason. There are also obvious benefits of smoking weed for pregnant women, but there are some concerns of course. Studies show that there are potential benefits of cannabis for women, and it may be bad.It does relax your muscles and help with contraction, but it can also cause issues with the fertilized eggs moving in the uterus, and a lot of times, it can cause ectopic pregnancy n women. There is also the risk of possibly losing the child, and they might develop slower, possibly because the uterine is not as receptive due to the THC. Folic acid also lessens, which if that’s the case, it does increase the chance for miscarriage. 

It’s important though to see if you can handle having this, since if your calm, happy, and more relaxed during then, your baby’s health will be better. Cannabis helps with the worries and pains, and it can coffer more euphoria and happiness, but they’re also some negative effects too. Memory and attention issues, and issues with caring for the baby do come about. Cannabis does effect the pregnancy based on the stage amount.  It’s much more common during the first trimester, but the later that this happens, the riskier it becomes.A study was found that about 70% f responders think that there is almost no risk or no risk to smoking weed a couple of times a week. But does it affect the child. 

The Effects on The Child

The effects of this can possibly be assessed, but right now there is no evidence that there is an influence of cannabis on a fetus, and right now, the studies are limited. They did find that those who consumed cannabis while pregnant did affect birth weight, decreasing this in some cases. There was also an influence of neurodevelopment on the fetus as well, since weed can impact this, causing tremors, increase aggression, and reduce attention span, and usually this is seen later down the road. But there is no specific hard evidence on this, and right now the studies are limited.

However parents should be mindful before they consume cannabis with a developing child, as this can be something that can harm the child down the line, and it might cause major issues in development later in life, and also in the cognitive abilities of the child as well too. 

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